Facial Treatment


Phytobiodermie skincare products are made in Switzerland from the finest ingredients. For over 30 years Phytobiodermie has emphasized the use of natural ingredients such as algae, clays, trace-minerals and very pure essential oils in high concentrations. The products are uniquely formulated to work energetically with the principles of traditional Chinese medicine. Its holistic philosophy is expressed in its motto: “Beauty is Health made Visible”. For people with allergy to algae, alternative products are available.


> Five Color Clay Mask (Balancing Facial Treatment):
This balancing facial is for all skin types. Five different colored clays and special blends of natural essential oils are applied on each one of the reflex zones, according to the principles of tradition Chinese medicine. It will provide for a deep sense of relaxation as it restores an overall “vital energy” balance, while deeply nourishing the skin and restoring its radiance. 

> “Element” Facials – According to skin condition: 
A highly personalized facial with two masks. Phytobiodermie uses natural and energetic blends of essential oils, mixed in a rich algae mask to nourish and facilitate deep pore cleansing. A second mask, with colored clay, is selected according to the skin condition. It is enriched with its corresponding colored essential oils, for visible and lasting results you will not only see but also feel. 

> Harmonizing Facial - According to the season:  
Stay in tune with nature! For normal and balanced skin – The Phytobiodermie energetic products will keep your skin in harmony with the seasonal energies you can witness throughout the year: vegetation, climate and animal life express the cyclical influences of the seasons that also affect human int how they feel and look. A gentle exfoliation followed by a flowing massage is preparing the skin for the seasonal essential oils and clays that will keep you and your skin balanced and harmonized. Resulting in a fresh flowing appearance and a sense of well-being. 


The perfect “Anti-aging” facial. Immediate visible results after one session. The lymphatic drainage (stimulation) is specifically beneficial to the skin condition by the addition use of pure monochromatic light therapy. It will slightly modify the basic protocols but will clearly achieve greater and more visible results. Without any peel or abrasion, there will a reduction of lines, a contouring of the jaw, and general lifting of the face. Improvements should be more visible the second day. The skin will feel softer, leaving a more youthful appearance.

The treatment also helps to :-
  • improves skin circulation
  • decreases puffiness and undesirable fluid retention
  • decreases the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • improves a variety of skin conditions including acne, rosacea , couperose and psoriasis
  • detoxification
  • reduces stress and fatigue
  • immune system support
  • slimming treatment aid
  • helps in treatment of heavy legs


    Award-winning Facial with “Ascension of Energy”

    This state of the art treatment combines the skin care technology , the energetic principles of traditional Chinese medicine, and the power of monochromatic (color) light to provide and affordable non-invasive face-lift. The treatment includes a lymphatic drainage to remove excess toxicity and fluid retention. Acupressure points are stimulated with light and colored essential oils to enhance the toning effect, offering a contoured, rejuvenated and naturally lifted appearance.

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